Vienna, Ravensburg, Bali, Cows, Hammocks, DJ's and it's all a dream anyway

Etching in Vienna - with Kalina Strzalkowski in her Zein Werkstatt.

Rediscovering the common denominator between cows & hammocks - Tranquility - with Igor Scotland and Ticket To The Moon Hammocks.

Painting in Ravensburg & Switzerland - with the two gallerists Andrea Dreher and Stefanie Buecherle and their Gallery 21.06 in Ravensburg.

Painting spree on the Island of Bali.

Discovering the Flute Player on a Buffalo at Daniel Ruwenda's place in Bali which consequently led me to research the 11th century chinese parables from where the story of the flute player originally came from. 


It's all a dream anyway.
Tour 2018

hammock place
Working in Bali
Bali Studio
Back in Burghausen - before Vienna again